May 12th @ 12pm : World Premiere! Live Music Video "Brenda" Channing Booth - 2014

[Click Here – "Brenda”  Channing Booth (Live Music Video) YouTube - 2014]

1080p and Headphones are recommended for optimum quality.

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FYI: The last 3 notes of the piece - only 1 note is touched, but you actually hear 3! 

Yes, very cool – I’m playing notes without touching them (not magic – just harmonic trickery).  I first sound the high “A” by using harmonics created by the low chord, then play the F# below it making the “D” below that chime in out of nowhere – this created a root position D major triad – where I only played the F# in the middle. J

Be aware that this song was purposely composed with several melodic and harmonic allusions and twists.  I’ve already let you know about the last 3 notes.  But, as to not spoil your fun, I will reveal all the secrets in an upcoming, “composer/artist commentary” overdubbed video.  That alternate version will be for music students who are studying composition, harmony, music theory and Latin music.   And also for those of you who are just plain curious…

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A big THANK YOU goes out to all my family, friends, teachers and fans.  Your presence in my life helped contribute tremendously to this wonderful music. Thank you.


Photography by John Martin III